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Well, it's almost that time of the year again; Chinese New Year, or known locally as "Spring Festival" 春节(Chunjie). As you know already, this is the biggest event of the year for China and the surrounding countries. The west has Christmas as its most dominant festival, China has Chinese New Year. If you're living in major cities, you will probably be wondering why it gets so empty during this time of year, or perhaps why the idea of a "new year" itself is celebrated so much? Here, we provide to you an overview of just what Chinese New Year is really about, getting you in the spirit of it all as the event approaches! First of all, why is a New Year being set in February? Chinese Year, being set in the traditional Chinese Calendar which originated the Zhou dynasty. This calendar follows the cycle of the moon. Thus, months began in the day of a new moon. A year would begin on the second or third moon of the winter solistice, which indicated the first day of Spring, hence the name "Spring Festival". This is always around the 15th Feburary. Over time, the festival has became fused with over Chinese traditions, such as ancestor worship and an emphasis on the family. As a result, for modern Chinese,

the spring festival is about Family Reunion, as well as an emphasis on prosperity and good fortune! As you will also note, Chinese New Year is aligned with the Chinese Zodaic, which organises years into cycles of 12, each represented by an animal. This year of course is the year of the pig 猪 (zhu)
But what is the festival itself actually about? Chinese culture places a strong emphasis on family, inheritance and legacy, this being the most important part of Chinese society. With Chinese New Year being fused with those ideas. Every Chinese New Year, those whom have migrated to other cities, return home to be with their families. As noted above, this is the family reunion. The traditional family home is of paramount significance and importance. This creates a mass movement of people every single year unprecedented anywhere in the world! If you're in China for new year's time, you're going to see the price of transportation rocket, you're going to see train tickets sold out and every journey bustling with people and then if you're living in Beijing, Shanghai or Shenzhen, you're going to find you're suddenly in a ghost town! Where exactly is everyone? All the migrant workers have gone home to their provinces! Secondly, you're going to find that everything is decorated in red, which is China's lucky colour. You're likely to see ribbons and lanterns everywhere, and of course on the night of Chinese New Year itself, lots and lots of fireworks!

1. Date of new semester?
Fall semester: the 3rd week of September. Spring Semester: the 3rd week of March.
2. Date of Arrival?
Fall semester: the 2nd week of September 
Spring Semester: the 2nd week of March

3. Need I book the accommodation before I arrive?
Yes. You need book your room type at least two days before your arrival.
4. Is there any airport pick up service for new students? How much it would be charged.
We provide free airport pick up service at Shenyang airport for three days ahead of registration date. Other time the service will charge 300 RMB once.
5. How can I pay my school fees?
You have the following ways to pay your school fees.A.Transfer your fees to the university bank account before your arrival.
B.Bring the cash with you when you come to the university.C.Open a bank account after your arrival at university and your parents can send money to your bank account. 

6. what are the documents needed to register when I arrive?

Please take your admission letter, JW202 form, original highest graduate certificate and transcript.

7.Is the TOEFL or IELTS required for admission?

No. but in some cases it’s needed mostly when you are applying for scholarship 

8.Do you accept requests to apply for scholarship?

You can apply Chinese Government Scholarship for master degree or university scholarship from the second year.

9.Should students pay dormitory fee monthly, per semester or yearly?

Usually students pay dormitory fee year by year.

10. can students make calls from the room in china?  How much does it cost to make a call within the city? 
we provide telephone in the rooms. They can buy cards in the markets near the campus. Usually it takes 0.2 Chinese yuan per minutes.
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