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Universities in Beijing

The capital of the largest nation on Earth, Beijing is an ancient city rich with history, that is coping with the growing pains of becoming an economic superpower in the twenty-first century. Excellent programs in Mandarin abound in the capital, and several world-class universities tower above the rest as giants of the academic world.

Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University is the best of the best of Chinese universities. Alma mater of Nobel laureates and China's last two presidents, Tsinghua has the second-ranked MBA program in the whole world. Those looking to pad their resume in business or in business Mandarin should check out what Tsinghua – and the Tsinghua name – can do for them.

Peking University

Peking University in Beijing is the oldest national university in China, and home to over two thousand international students. Peking University has established partnerships with Cornell University, Stanford University, and Yale University, with faculty from the latter even teaching some classes in Beijing. Peking University offers some of the most progressive thought fostered anywhere in academic China, so sociology and government students have a unique chance to peek inside the mind of modern Beijing, from a more open-minded viewpoint.

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